Coaching by Kathryn

Learn to Create Your Own Destiny!

                 Welcome to Coaching by Kathryn!

     I'm glad you stopped by.  This site will tell you a little about me and give you some ideas on how you can take positive steps to improve your life.  Whether you're already achieving great results in your life and you want to sharpen your skills even more, or you're looking for someone to guide you in making a complete life change, you've come to the right place! 

     My mission is to help you identify and clarify your goals (that's sometimes the most challenging step!), determine WHY you intend to reach them, and then assist you in developing and/or tailoring your own skills in reaching those goals. 

     There are many ways to succeed in life, and sometimes it just takes small changes in our daily actions to make huge improvements in our results.  I have been studying and practicing Personal Development and Mentoring/Coaching for over 20 years. Helping people reach their peak performance and attract an abundance of positive things into their lives is one of my greatest passions. 

     Some of the common areas people focus on improving are:


          * Self-Esteem/Self-Image

          * Goal setting and achieving

          * Physical health

          * Overcoming adversity

          * Leadership skills


     If you're serious about taking action to move forward, browse the website, then fill out the contact form and I'll call you to set up your free personal consultation.  From there, we'll decide whether we would make a good team, and if we agree, we'll set up your personalized roadmap to CREATING YOUR DESTINY!

Create a terrific day-you absolutely deserve it!