Coaching by Kathryn

Learn to Create Your Own Destiny!

Hi! My name is Kathryn Murtha - Nice to Meet You!

     Thanks for stopping by my website!

     Although we'll get to know each other a bit more in our first free consultation, I'll give you the short version of how I got here.  Over the past 25 years, I've had several different careers, yet there was always one common denominator-I was assisting people in achieving greater success and attracting more joy into their lives.  I absolutely love seeing people do things that make them laugh and feel good, and being a part of that experience felt amazing.  It was easy and fun, and no matter where I was, there were always more people looking for that extra nudge or word of encouragement.

     So, after a few interesting turns in my life, I decided to change careers again, and turn my passion into a business by becoming a Success Coach. To me, that means empowering and assisting people in finding their own passions and strengths, giving them tools to create goals and take positive action towards those goals, and being there for people when they deserve extra inspiration and motivation.  Everyone has the ability to achieve great things in life, but like most things, the path is much easier and more fun with the proper tools, training and feedback!

     There are a lot of people that offer coaching and mentoring services, so I am grateful that something brought you to my website. I strongly believe in signs and intuition, and if you feel that you might enjoy working with me, fill out the form on the "How Can I Contact You" page, and we'll see if you're right!

     I look forward to meeting you soon!

     Kathryn Murtha